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    45 min

How We Can Help

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Develop Your Leadership Skills

  • Leveling up from grunt to leader? Or perhaps looking to improve your skills & team?

Communicate More Effectively

  • Get to the bottom of your communication problems

  • Build trust and raise morale

Make Teamwork 'Work'

  • Get everyone playing by the same rules

  • Hit KPIs more often

  • Collaborate EFFECTIVELY

Start or Build Your Business

  • Guidance from a veteran entrepreneur

  • Brainstorm & act from a place of strength

Glass Buildings

Each Package Includes

  • 1 hour session to understand your situation

  • 3x 45 minute sessions to dive deep

  • Accountability check-ins

  • Tools & resources specifically for what you are facing

  • Option to add group coaching sessions for your team (additional fees apply)

Value: $1200