Win At Life Through Gamification

Our friend Robin Bates of Coaching For Geeks (CfG) bring us his take on the best way to set yourself up for the life you want. Be sure to show him some love at his site or on his social feeds (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter)

Life is the name of the game and I wanna play the game with you. Or for those less well versed in British game show theme tunes of the 1970s… Be a winner at the game of life… by gamifying life itself.

First things first, everyone is the protagonist of their own game. Everyone else in an NPC, with their own quests, missions, objectives, values, dreams, and desires.

Also, everyone enters the realm playing on a different difficulty level. Perhaps you lucked out and RNG made you play on super hard, meaning you’ll gain more XP from the challenges you overcome. Maybe RNG gave you an easy start with an inventory full of gold and bonuses to your constitution. Likely you fall somewhere between the two. No matter what, success in your personal game is solely your responsibility, so it’s time to take charge in the most fun way possible… by adding in rules. Hooray!


Whether your quest is epic and takes place over a number of years, or short and simple, it must be identified. Name thy quest, let it take shape in your mind and commit it to parchment. Or Asana, Trello, or any other means of tracking progress. How will you know how far you’ve come unless you have a quest log? Decide on a thing that you want to g