How to be a Terrible Leader According to Rising of the Shield Hero

Caution: may contain spoilers about The Rising of the Shield Hero anime series.

Our protagonist, Naofumi, gets summoned to an alternate reality where he and three others are charged with protecting the realm of Melromarc from the waves of catastrophe. Upon their arrival, King Melromarc immediately treats Naofumi with disdain due to his status as the Shield Hero. As we find out in even the first episode, the king and his daughter, Princess Malty, seem to have it out for him. Within the first episode our hero is reduced to a criminal in the eyes of everyone in the capital city; leaving him to fend for himself.

Yikes! How would you feel if you were blackmailed and ostracized for something you didn’t do and for a title you didn’t choose? On day one of your new position on a team?

Throughout the series we discover King Melromarc has a history with the previous shield hero and is looking for someone to take a grudge out on. Lo and behold, in drops Naofumi (literally) – a man who knows nothing about the world he suddenly finds himself in. “The perfect target!”