Mass Effect: How Shepard Teaches Us to Lead

"Before Legion sacrificed himself. He referred to himself as I instead of we....The singular pronoun indicates that Legion's independent personality had fully actualized. In his final moments....he was no longer an avatar of the Geth consensus.....He was a person...." - EDI

What’s your leadership style? Are you more of an honorable Paragon or a ruthless Renegade?

Regardless of how you play the Mass Effect games, leadership lessons abound. Every decision you make in the game can easily correlate to real-world scenarios and show just how such a decision can affect others. Commander Shepard, much like all of us, shows us that even the smallest, most trivial-seeming choices can have far-reaching consequences; something I encourage everyone to spend time thinking about—leader or not. Let’s take a brief look at the opposing styles of leadership showcased via the Paragon/Renegade point system present t