How To Be Organized & Happy

In 2017, I was a very unhappy person. Happy was not a word I would have used to describe anything about me. It’s like the word was erased from my internal lexicon. I was drowning in concepts like tired, stressed, upset, sleepless, disgruntled, and…unhappy. My business at the time, an IT service company, was rapidly sinking and dragging me under with it—emotionally and physically. My life was a chaotic mess that continued to spiral downward because of all the stress I was under. This, in turn, brought about sleepless nights, which only led to more stress and disorganization.

My life could have been summed up in one phrase: I just can’t right now.

The Ascent

As you can imagine, I had been tired of this state of affairs for a long time by the time I actually did anything about it. That’s the thing about human nature; something has to suck for a long time and be painful enough that one day you decide on a soul-deep level that you’re done with whatever it is. Only at that point does the internal ability to get out of whatever situation it is begin to exist. Fueled by the energy of being fed up and an almost mystical pact with yourself, you then begin the journey to a better place.

The biggest problem for many of us is we are too tired at that point to pull ourselves up one more time to start the journey.

Here’s what came next for me.

A colleague of mine urged me to get out of town and out of my business/life for at least a long weekend, or longer if possibl