How NOT to Gain & Keep Trust as a Leader

What happened to the team that kicked butt? Where did the flow go? It feels like nobody talks to each other anymore; at least in constructive ways. Everyone is guarded and suspicious. What went wrong and when?

Sound familiar?

Chances are the story goes like this: Work life for your team was great! Trust was high so collaboration flowed freely. All was good. Then at one point somebody did something small that put a crack in the trust your team had for each other. Let’s say someone started showing up late for meetings on the regular and often had a weak excuse, if they had one at all. Nobody called them out on it, so it continued...and got worse. Then other little things started to happen. Others would randomly show up late – to work, to meetings, etc. Communication became less fluid. People spent more time at their desk and less time collaborating.

And that brings us to today.

If you want your team to be divided, silent, and take a lot longer to get work done, you can do the following. Remember, as a leader it is your job to set the example.